Why Makon?

Makon Management creates value and maximizes financial upside for owners in boutique developments by CARING.


Your onsite manager will be the central communication hub between owners, tenants, residents and building services. Rest assured, you will always know what happened, what is happening and what is going to happen with your property investment.

  • Owners will receive regular, proactive updates and reminders about cost-saving opportunities, quarterly finance report, building updates, annual notices and all safety and disaster prevention initiatives.
  • Tenants and residents will be greeted with a personalized Welcome Book with critical information on how to use appliances, forms or waivers, move in and move out procedures and condo rules. The onsite manager will provide daily, proactive communications via text message & email.

See an example of our Welcome Book by filling out this form .


Download Example Welcome Book

Always be learning

  • Our team stays up-to-date on the latest fire, flood and housing compliance and regulation codes to protect owners from financial violation and/or time burdens.
  • We constantly improve our services by applying best practices to our entire portfolio, like using compliance checklists from Sitecompli for all managed properties.

Response time

  • We promise 24 - 48 hour response time. 24/7. Everytime.
  • With 4 clear communication tracks for general information, services or financial, building enquiries and marketing, your questions and concerns will be quickly received and handled by the right person.


  • We are obsessed with evaluating and adopting new technologies that support or replace human intervention to save costs, keep common charges low and offer enhanced onsite service. Some cost saving programs include: Virtual Doorman, Alexa skills for locksmith recommendations and Package Butler Smart Locker for secure package drop-off & pick-up.
  • We always look for new ways to add value and offer an all-inclusive service - like marketing services to keep your building marketable and occupied.

Never sleep

  • Fire, flood and pests keep us up at night because they can have irreparable damage to your financial investment. We proactively mitigate against disaster with pest control before occupancy, certifying key staff in rigorous fire & flood response training and documenting a complete disaster recovery plan in partnership with White Glove.
  • If disaster hits, response time is imperative - and ours is immediate. We will instantly activate our detailed recovery plan for fire or flood to minimize damages and financial loss.

Growth focus

  • Our goal is to be the best boutique property management firm in New York and for our clients to benefit from our investment in growth and reputation building.
  • To put it bluntly: we want the value of your property to increase because it is managed by a reputable and exceptional management company.