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Tips to for getting restful sleep

Tips to for getting restful sleep

Sleeping is one of the most integral parts of our daily routine, yet it is most often neglected. We cut down on our sleep to spend some extra time out or to finish that last episode of our favorite shows; however, if we want to improve our overall health we must prioritize our sleep.

With today's technology, it's become harder than ever to fall asleep with distractions right at our fingertips. Here are 4 ways you can set yourself up for a restful night's sleep.

1. Ease into bedtime.

It's hard to fall asleep especially if you're full of energy. Your body needs to transition from your wake time to your sleep time. Certain activates can help you ease into this such as yoga or relaxing music.

2. Keep your room dark.

Having your room dark is essential for your body to ease into a deep sleep. Dim your lights and make sure your curtains cover your windows. Any light will prevent your body from producing melatonin and make it more difficult for you to fall asleep. 

3. Stay in cool temperatures.

When we sleep, our body's natural temperature drops down. Creating a cooler environment will allow your body to ease into the nocturnal sleep phase and make you feel sleepy. 

4. Avoid electronics 

Before heading to bed, be sure to stop using any electronics as they are magnets for keeping you up all night. Our addiction to our phones has led many of us to feel tired and drowsy during the day. Inadequate sleep results in increased stress and decreased performance. 

Making these subtle changes will drastically improve your sleep and your overall health. As we manage through the new circumstances of the world, prioritizing our health is something we must not neglect. 

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