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Ways to Commit to Exercising on a Regular Basis

Ways to Commit to Exercising on a Regular Basis

We all know that exercise is a key component to living a healthy lifestyle with both immediate and long-term benefits. Research has proven that exercise can boost your mental health and emotional well-being. With the recent events that have happened during the last year, many of us have realized the importance of our mental health and have made efforts to prioritize it.

However, for some, incorporating a daily routine of exercise has still been a hassle. Here are some common excuses and ways you can work around them.

1. I get enough exercise by biking or walking to work

Although you are getting your body to do some physical movement, it's not enough for optimal exercise. There are more benefits to doing different types of exercise than just cardio. Doing resistance workouts regularly has been shown to decrease depression and anxiety symptoms. 

2. I only exercise at the gym

For some, getting in their daily workout can only happen at the gym. However, making small adjustments in your daily routine can add some more physical movements. For example, rather than taking the escalator, you can opt to take the stairs instead. You can even get off a few stops earlier from the train or bus to get more steps in your day. 

3. I only need exercise to lose weight

Although exercise can definitely help you balance out your caloric intake, your diet plays an even bigger factor when it comes to weight loss. Even if your goal isn't to lose weight, studies have consistently shown that exercising has immense benefits to your overall well-being. Exercise should be a part of everyone's routine.

4. I have no time to workout

Many have the misconception that working out has to take hours out of their day but this is not the case. If you have a busy schedule and have trouble squeezing in time for a workout, all you need is at least 10 minutes to spare. High-intensity workouts are optimal for this time frame as they get your blood pumping and work on all areas of your body. What's great in doing high-intensity workouts is that your body continues to burn calories long after your workout is over.

Starting your healthy lifestyle journey may seem daunting but it's the little steps that count. As we age, our bodies won't be able to endure as much as it once did. However, regularly putting your body to work will increase its ability to withstand stressors and increase your stamina. Not only does exercising impact our physical well-being, but our mental health as well. It's a great way to relieve stress and helps you regain focus. It's never too late to begin your journey now.

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